A Texas mom warns that watching Hocus Pocus 2 may open the gates of hell to American homes

A Texas mom warned American families that watching Hocus Pocus 2 could cast evil spells in their homes — and might even open the gates of hell. Jamie Gooch, 33, of Troy, has urged parents not to let their kids watch the PG-rated Hocus Pocus 2, which premiered at Disney+ September 30 with great anticipation, … Read more

Acquisition of “Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall” TV Series Books – Deadline

exclusive: In a very competitive setting, Imagine Kids + Family has acquired the graphic content rights to Ali Standish’s upcoming multi-book series Improbable Tales of Baskerville HallAnd the which traces the story of the imagined origins of Mr Arthur Conan DoyleFictional characters, to develop as a television series that builds an integrated world of Arthur … Read more

Megan Kelly dishes in one night in the latest podcast

Megyn Kelly said that, if chosen, she’d rather have her husband have one-night stands with another woman than see him “sit and cry” with that woman and form an emotional bond with her. This topic was brought up on the SiriusXM podcast Who hosts “The Megan Kelly Show” He was discussing reports of an imminent … Read more

Watch the worst movie of the year

The new movie “Amsterdam” has been shrouded in secrecy for months. Now we know why – it can’t be watched. Several times during a Wednesday night press show for David O’s mega clunker. Russell, I thought of getting out. A major critic got up from his chair after 45 minutes, and never came back. Meet … Read more

The ANVIL Documentary Made It Possible for LIPS and ROBB REINER to End Today’s Jobs: ‘We Make a Great Living’

modified version of ANVILacclaimed documentary, “Anvil! The Anvil Story”received the first offer in conjunction with Beyond the festival On September 22 in Los Angeles at the Saban Theater, where ANVIL Also presented, along with surprise appearances from musical guests, including anthrax guitar player Scott Ian. This was followed by a question-and-answer session with ANVIL confrontation … Read more

Putin’s advocate Yevgeny Satanovsky says he penned a ‘kill list’ of Western officials on Russian state TV

The fateful Russian invasion Ukraine disintegrates at the seams, and The Kremlin’s chief advocate break up with him. In the absence of good news from the front, the Putin regime is promoting other ideas about how to deal with self-disaster. The eminent experts who routinely appear on state television controlled by the Kremlin categorically reject … Read more

Three new books on black music history and performance

Black historical documentation and analysis continued to advance rapidly in the 1920s. George Floyd’s departure has been firmly in place as a turning point that ignited public interest and the acquisition of books that disrupt the whitewashing of American history. The history of black music in particular was an area in which scholars, historians, and … Read more

Let’s Kill Blobby Book Cover

The Vanishing Half of Brett Bennett Riverhead A decade ago, when my publisher or Box emailed me to say they had finished covering the cover of my first novel, EvellandThey asked me to prepare for something different. We’ve been going back and forth on a few concepts, including one design with a large respiratory mask … Read more