Analysis: Nord Stream gas leak raises climate concerns, but its impact is hard to determine

Sept 28 (Reuters) – Unexplained leaks in two Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea are releasing greenhouse gas emissions, raising fears the disruption could cause climate catastrophe – although it is unclear how much it remains unclear. . Neither pipeline was in operation, but both contained natural gas — which consists largely of methane, … Read more

opinion | Jackson, Mississippi, Water crisis highlights climate injustice

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly last week, Secretary-General António Guterres described the climate crisis as “Our suicidal war against nature. The devastation of that war can be seen in Jackson, Mississippi, where four residents live lawsuit against the city for failing to protect its water supply from extreme weather events. The water crisis in … Read more

China’s fishing operations raise alarms around the world

Chinese fishing circles appearIn 2020 and 2021. Ecologically rich and diverse, the water around Galapagos Islands It has attracted local fishermen for centuries. Now, these waters are facing a larger and more greedy fisherman: China. Chinese fishing in ⬤ 2020 And the 2021. The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador. However, every year increasing numbers … Read more

DOJ says water is not safe, ready to sue Jackson under the Safe Drinking Water Act

JACKSON, Ms. (WLBT) – The US Department of Justice is willing to sue the City of Jackson under the Safe Drinking Water Act, but hopes that negotiations with the city will prevent the need to. On Monday, the Department of Justice notified Mayor Chukwe Antar Lumumba that it was willing to file a complaint against … Read more

A ‘strong solution’: Activists push to make environmental genocide an international crime | environment

California winemaker Julia Jackson has long recognized the threats posed by the ongoing global climate change crisis, from intense wildfires and hurricanes to rising sea levels. But for her, those thoughts went from the abstract to the tangible for her The house has been destroyed From the Kinkade wildfire that devastated her hometown of Sonoma … Read more

£18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the desert that could cut British homeowners’ bills

Are you ready for a blast of desert sunshine? Whitehall officials discuss a £18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the African Sahara that could cut British homeowners bills Spectacular plans to install nearly 12 million solar panels and 530 wind turbines The generated power can be transported across the vast desert of … Read more

‘It’s a miracle’: Chile’s Gran Abuelo may be the world’s oldest living tree | trees and forests

In a secluded valley in the south ChileA lone iris tree standing over an old forest canopy. Green shoots sprout from the crevices of their thick, dark trunks, clustered like tubes of a large cathedral organ, and water flows through its mossy-streaked bark to the forest floor from bulging nodes in the wood. Climatologist Jonathan … Read more