Washington leaders RB Brian Robinson returns to practice

ASHBURN, VA – Five weeks after he was shot twice in the leg, the Washington captains’ novice ran back Brian Robinson He’s back where he wanted to be: the football field. He was performing normal tasks, running in and around mock sacks on the ground, taking deliveries at drills and even running some team scouts. … Read more

Tom Brady talks about concussion following Tua Tagoviloa’ injury

Tom Brady was among NFL players who reacted to the frightening head injury that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagoviloa suffered in Thursday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brady said in “Let’s go!” Monday’s podcast thinks concussions in contact sports like soccer come with the area and believes part of the focus should be on … Read more

Pittsburgh Steelers bullish Kenny Pickett lists at the top of the middle depth chart

Pittsburgh – IN Kenny Beckett It’s official here. The Pittsburgh Steelers listed their 2022 first-round pick as a start on the depth chart – before that Mitch Trubesky – For Sunday’s game at the Buffalo Bills. “I don’t want to take responsibility for what happened at Mitch’s feet,” coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday. “It’s … Read more

DVOA: Bills & Eagles in a Class by Themselves preview

NFL Week 4 – According to the DVOA football rankings leading up to Monday, there’s the Buffalo Bills, then the Philadelphia Eagles, and then there’s everyone else. Josh Allen and Bills are poised once again to lead the NFL in DVOA at the end of Week 4. And they lead by five percentage points over … Read more

NFL Week 4 injuries: Patriots ‘Mac Jones, Chargers’ Keenan Allen ruled out; Match time decision Chris Goodwin

Injuries are at the forefront of the NFL’s conversation with the fourth week in progress, mostly in light of Tua Tagovailoa’s brief hospitalization Thursday night after head and neck trauma forced him out of dolphins‘ Loss. Miami isn’t the only team experiencing under-center uncertainty over the weekend either. Some clubs are in better health than … Read more

Cowboys will commit to running offense with the return of Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys Tony Pollard and backrunner Ezekiel Elliott (21) will be taking the ball a lot against Washington this week. Roger Steinmann AP Frisco Truth be told, the Dallas Cowboys came into the 2022 season hoping to build on their running game. The focal point of their game plan was going into the inaugural season … Read more

A look at the 2023 Eagles’ free agents, who could be candidates for a season contract extension

By my count, the Philadelphia Eagles have 18 players on their roster who are playing in the final year of their contracts, including players in the PUP or IR. Here we’ll put these 18 soon-to-be free agents into different groups, and analyze which of them the Eagles should be interested in keeping in Philly, for … Read more

Josh McDaniels on Orlovsky Examples Ignore Derek Carr Davante Adams

It can be difficult for the untrained eye to know exactly when the pass is supposed to go to a particular player based on play and coverage by the defense. So we tend to rely on coaches or players. Dan Orlovsky is a former NFL quarterback who now works as an analyst for the NFL … Read more