Multicloud vs. Hybrid Cloud: Which is Right for You?

Photo: Blue Planet Studio / Adobe Stock In previous decades, cloud computing and digital data storage have become essential elements of modern business. Although this technology was often intended only for large organizations, it is now a widely available solution for many companies. Hybrid multicloud platforms can change the ways businesses behave, and understanding their … Read more

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost says: The metaverse faces a major challenge to overcome

Later this year, Autodesk Revit customers will get access to Twinmotion from Epic Games as part of their subscription. Photo: Autodesk There have been some of the hottest buzzwords this year from the word “metaverse” – and Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost will readily admit that the concept is nearing “peak hype”. “You’re familiar with the … Read more

Conversational AI will continue its growth trajectory

As conversational AI systems continue to evolve, they hold promise to help overcome the barrier of interaction and achieve simpler human-machine collaboration. Future iterations will enhance accessibility, communication with visual data interpretations. People have been talking to technology for years – from scolding the iron for burning their favorite shirt to offering words of encouragement … Read more

Circular Computing Launches Remanufacture-as-a-Service (RaaS) – PCR

Circular Computing has launched its latest version of Remanufacture as a Service (RaaS) to tackle the growing e-waste crisis. Circular Computing will take laptops from companies and send them through its unique circular remanufacturing process to give them a second life, which the company claims is significantly improved over current refurbishment methods. The new service … Read more

ETH Merge Forks, Quantum Computing, Biden Drains Oil Reserves, DOJ Targets Use of Criminal Crypto – Week in Review – Bitcoin Weekly News

With the Ethereum consolidation event now successfully completed, new Proof of Work (PoW) forks have emerged to compete for miner acceptance. This, the US government has warned, is that the post-quantum world is approaching, and that weak cryptography needs to be protected. Amid sweltering inflation in the United States, President Joe Biden notes that gas … Read more

Blake Dowling: Invisible Technology

Uber was hacked last week. Did you even wince when you saw the headline or heard the news? I scrolled to see if credit cards or passwords were leaked and transferred (looks like they weren’t). Breakouts like this happen every day, every month, every week, and someone else is dropped. We hardly notice any violations … Read more

Why MFA is important: These attackers hacked admin accounts and then used Exchange to send spam

Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto Microsoft exposed a cunning case of OAuth abuse that allowed attackers to reconfigure the victim’s Exchange server to send spam. The goal of the exact attack was to make the mass spam — promoting a fake sweepstakes contest — appear to have originated from the compromised Exchange domain rather than … Read more

Mercury: a processing company | MarketScreener

“Mercury is a very complex company.” Those were the words I heard on my first day with the company just over three years ago. I had friends at Mercury and had followed or competed with the company for over a decade, but it wasn’t until that first day that I realized that I didn’t understand … Read more