The United States and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers firing an M777 howitzer, Kharkiv region, northeastern Ukraine. This image cannot be distributed in the Russian Federation. Vyacheslav Madyevsky | Publishing in the future | Getty Images In the American arms industry, the normal production level of artillery shells for 155-mm howitzers – a heavy long-range artillery weapon that is currently used on … Read more

The British pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar

CNN Business – The British pound fell It hit a new record low against the US dollar at $1,035 on Monday, down more than 4%. The drop came as trading opened in Asia and Australia on Monday, extending its 2.6% decline from Friday – and spurring expectations that the pound could fall to parity with … Read more

Fiona hits Atlanta, Canada: Hundreds of thousands without power after storm blows north

Fiona first wreak havoc in the Caribbean as a hurricane before moving over the Atlantic and making landfall again as a post-tropical cyclone. The storm tore the path of destruction in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland before weakening and moving to sea on Sunday. Now, officials are beginning to explain the … Read more

The last war between Russia and Ukraine: what we know on day 214 of the invasion | Ukraine

More than 730 people have been arrested across Russia in the recent protests against the country’s mobilization decree, A rights group said, three days after the president Russian President Vladimir Putin He ordered the country’s first military conscription since World War II. Independent protest monitoring group OVD-Info said it was aware of arrests in 32 … Read more

Fiona makes landfall and hits the Atlantic coast of Canada with strong winds and rain

Fiona, now a Post-Tropical Hurricane, maximum sustained winds of 85 mph – strength A Category 1 hurricane — at 8 a.m. ET Saturday, with its epicenter over the Gulf of St. Lawrence after crossing Nova Scotia, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. The storm wiped out electricity in most areas of Nova Scotia and Prince … Read more

Experts say ‘Fat Leonard’ may be a bargaining chip in Venezuela

SAN DIEGO (AFP) – A fugitive defense contractor nicknamed “Fat Leonard” who claims to have incriminating sexual images of US Navy officers could become the latest bargaining chip in Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to win official recognition from the Biden administration, according to experts. But it is unclear how hard the US government will … Read more

Hurricane Fiona: As the storm passed near Bermuda, Canadians on the Atlantic coast were on alert

Officials in Canada’s Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are urging those in the path of the storm to be on high alert and prepare for the impact of the hurricane, which has already killed at least five people and shut down millions of electricity this week. Hit many Caribbean islands. “The Air Force hurricane … Read more