IBM Bolstering Hybrid Cloud, AI Skills, Capabilities With Dialexa Acquisition

Dialexa will be IBM’s sixth acquisition this year.

IBM It acquires Dialexa, an American digital product engineering services company. Dialexa will join IBM Consulting, to lead IBM’s digital product engineering services in the Americas.

Dialexa It will be IBM’s sixth acquisition this year. This will further enhance IBM’s hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) skills and capabilities.

Since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020, IBM has acquired more than 25 companies. Of those, 13 acquisitions, including Dialexa, were in IBM Consulting. Among them newcentaka Nord Cloud and tau.

The deal should close in the last quarter of this year. Subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals. IBM did not say how much it pays for Dialexa.

Acquisition provides opportunities for IBM partners, Dialexa

Paul Pappas is Managing Partner of IBM Consulting Americas.

Paul Pappas of IBM

Paul Pappas of IBM

“The acquisition will allow Dialexa to gain access to IBMThe broad ecosystem, provides an opportunity to collaborate with our network of partners and leverage our combined strength to solve complex technical problems for clients. “It is also an opportunity for our partners, working alongside our Digital Product Engineering Services team, to co-create and build scalable products that drive innovation for customers.”

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Pappas said the market for product engineering services is growing rapidly. It is a high-growth market opportunity that analysts expect to reach $700 billion by 2026.

“This is an important focus area for IBM Consulting,” he said. With this acquisition, IBM It deepens our expertise in product engineering and expands our footprint in the space to enhance our capabilities to provide digital transformation services to our customers. We are growing our portfolio of businesses around digital design and IT integration, along with the engineering services that Dialexa provides, providing our clients with the full range of expertise and capabilities available to them.”

As they look to thrive in an increasingly digital world, IBM customers are turning to digital product engineering service providers to create new opportunities to build digital products that generate new revenue streams, add services, and boost employee productivity, Pappas said.

“This acquisition will enhance our ability to meet the evolving design, strategy and implementation needs of our customers and provide comprehensive digital transformation,” he said. “In addition, we have the ability to leverage our trusted partners, integrating partner technologies into customer and employee-facing products that will lead to better business outcomes for our customers.”

Ongoing investments in hybrid cloud, AI capabilities, and services

Pappas said IBM continues to invest in hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence capabilities and services. Customers search for these things via IBM Consulting and IBM Software.

“And as you have seen, we have invested significantly in our ecosystem,” he said. “In fact, many of the acquisitions we announced have increased our expertise in various partner technologies and platforms, such as Neudesic in Microsoft Azure, 7 peaks In Salesforce and Taos for AWS and Microsoft Azureand more.”

Scott Harper is the CEO and co-founder of Dialexa.

“Digital product engineering is the spearhead of competitive advantage,” he said. “The joint vision of IBM and Dialexa to deliver industry-defining digital products can be a game-changer.”

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