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Out of not very much at all, a wonder goal! Raspadori takes delivery of a speculative pass down the inside-left channel. He brings it down from the sky, takes a touch to the left, drops a shoulder back to the right, sending Walker off to the shops, and whips a sensational shot across Pope and into the right-hand side of goal. One hell of a finish!

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The referee blows up on 44 minutes and 59 seconds. You can’t blame him. That wasn’t much of a spectacle. Channel 4 aren’t getting much bang for their buck from this England deal, are they.

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Italy: Donnarumma, Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Toloi, Cristante, Jorginho, Dimarco, Raspadori, Scamacca, Barella.
Subs: Meret, Vicario, Luiz Felipe, Pobega, Frattesi, Gnonto, Emerson, Zerbin, Grifo, Gabbiadini, Esposito, Bastoni.


England: Pope, James, Dier, Maguire, Walker, Bellingham, Rice, Sterling, Foden, Saka, Kane.
Subs: Ramsdale, D Henderson, Trippier, Shaw, Grealish, Coady, Ward-Prowse, Tomori, Mount, Bowen, Alexander-Arnold, Abraham.


Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain).

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The last time England played, this happened …

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… so, well, y’know. In fact, England are on a skid of four matches without a win, having made an awful mess of Nations League Group A3 so far. Home and away losses against Hungary, a fortunate draw in Germany, and some goalless tedium in Wolverhampton against Italy have rooted Gareth Southgate’s side to the bottom of the table. If they lose at San Siro tonight, they’ll be cashiered from the top tier with extreme prejudice. In other words, it’s gameface time. Kick off is at 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

85 minutes: Gabidini breaks the left inner channel and fires a direct shot at Bob. The Italian gets the ball back and makes a pass to the left to DiMarco, who hits the ball across Bob and off the base of the right post. Shaw does a good job of avoiding bouncing skew into the net, deftly moving his feet to get around and penetrate visibly. Italy is far from resolving the fate of England.

83 minutes: Bellingham offers a little space below the left inner canal, and earns his twists and turns for himself the right to shoot. He shoots to the top left, but leans back, and the ball always flies over it.

82 minutes: With ten minutes left in Germany, Hungary still faces 1-0. As it stands, all A3 work will be completed tonight. Hungary will win the group, qualifying for the finals, while England It will be relegated to level B. As things stand.

81 minutes: Before being taken over, scorer Raspaduri is replaced by Gabyadini. James then sees a free kick sent by Donnarumma safely.

80 minutes: Di Lorenzo is booked against a fairly agricultural block in Grealish, left Italia d- A free kick in a dangerous situation.

78 minutes: England Keep the pressure on Italy, albeit without giving it another chance. They’ve looked a lot brighter since Grealish was introduced. “Watch a mixed lineup of Neapolitan and English here in Naples,” says Colom Fordham. “A huge reaction from the Napoli team to the wonderful goal scored by Rasbadori, the new young striker of Napoli.”

76 minutes: This will not. Foden, Grealish and Bellingham pass the ball from left to right across the face of the Italy square. Bellingham slips one down the channel in favor of Kane, who swings aggressively toward goal. Donnarumma brilliantly dodges. Kane tries again. Donnarumma blocks again. Italy is clear. This is England’s best move in the match.

74 minutes: Kane tries to shut down Donnarumma. Italy goalkeeper brilliantly match Cruyff in turn. Unlikely to have improved England Bad mood of the captain.

72 minutes: Southgate responds by sending Grealish and Shaw to Saka Walker.

71 minutes: James takes a free kick to the right. Dier can’t get his head on goal. Right miles wide.

70 minutes: Walker gave Raspadori plenty of space and time there. None of the other England It seemed the defenders were particularly busy, too. As now, England will be eliminated from the First Division.

Goal! Italy 1-0 England (Rasbadori 68)

Not much at all, great goal! Raspadori takes a speculative delivery through the left inner channel. He drops it from the sky, touches to the left, drops his shoulder to the right, sends Walker to the shops, and makes a thrilling shot across Bob and to the right side of the goal. One end of hell!

Giacomo Raspadori scored a sharp goal to put Italy ahead.
Giacomo Raspadori scored a sharp goal to put Italy ahead. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images

66 minutes: A corner on the right leads to another corner on the left. Demarco takes. Pope’s punches are clear again, this time England Erase their lines. Bellingham was cut off by Cristante causing Kane to groan in the referee’s face. A bit of a tip coming to this game.

65 minutes: Di Lorenzo throws Maguire with flat feet on the right, misses. England The resulting free kick is not wiped out, and Raspadori ends up shooting from a tight angle on the right. The Pope punches the corner.

63 minutes: Italia Make a double change, replacing Scamaka, Barilla Bubiga and Gonto.

61 minutes: From the corner, Bellingham went up to get a high ball with Barilla. The pair collides with Bellingham in mid-air, and England The man falls on his back. It’s zigzag. England claimed a foul – they were on the edge of the penalty area – but the referee and the VAR referee ruled it a 50-50 accident. There was no malice on Barilla’s part, but it was a clumsy challenge, and I’ve seen fouls offered for less.

Judd Bellingham stumbles.
Judd Bellingham stumbles. Photo: James Williamson/AMA/Getty Images

60 minutes: Kane is sent into space below the right and shoots low and hard through the six-yard box. Sterling hoped to get the end of the ball off the left post, but Toloui hit a corner kick, just in time.

59 minutes: Bellingham dashes down the middle and sprays a wide pass to the left for Foden, who is trying to find Kane in the far stick. Acerbi gets in on the way to take a corner, but the flag goes up for offside.

57 minutes: Rasbadori makes a nice pass to the left to DiMarco, who throws the ball into the penalty area for Parilla. He must score from ten yards, with only Bob to beat him, but he slips his effort wide to the right. What a beauty queen! His redness is spared when the flag is raised for offside.

55 minutes: Kane takes matters into his own hands and walks around again anyway. The referee comes to give him a little swoop, but he doesn’t make matters worse by booking him for disobedience.

54 minutes: It’s good that Kane continues, yes, but he’s not yet allowed to come back. He is angry, but it seems that he is still bleeding, and therefore the assistant referee is not allowing him to return.

Ouch! Photography: Nick Potts/PA

53 minutes: Replays show Toloi accidentally slapping Kane with a slap in the mouth. There is a fair amount of blood but the physicist wipes it off, stops the flow, and England The captain would be good to go on.

51 minutes: James hits the cross long. Kane goes up with Toloi. The ball flies over their heads and goes out for a goal kick. Meanwhile, Kane crashes to the ground holding his face. The doctor comes.

50 minutes: Kane makes his way down the left inner channel before hitting a cross that Bonucci deflects from a corner kick. James to take.

49 minutes: James tries to take the free kick into the upper right corner. The ball rests in the upper right corner of the rear stand.

48 minutes: …but then the game finally comes to life! DiMarco furiously wrinkles from the left. Skamaka can’t get to the end of the low cross to shoot the ball home. England He was immediately fended off by Sterling, who dodges into the left inner channel and draws a cynical foul from Bonucci. Yellow card to the captain of Italy, and a free kick in a very dangerous position to the left of Dr.

46 minutes: An unexpected start to the half, with both teams chasing possession very easily. It does not bode well.

Italy starts the second half. There were no changes between halftime.

Half the time a mail bag. “Dear Christ, that’s awful, isn’t it? Two World Cup games? Sorry.” Ben Watson is there, with an email that reads more bleakly if you come to it from an Italian perspective.

Meanwhile, instead of purposeful action at the San Siro, Kari Tolinius said: “The first half of Finland’s match against Romania was decently fun. The latter may have been the better team, but Teemu Pukki is a striker who can shoot the ball with confidence and hit the target, so on the Although Romania has more and better chances, the Eagle-Owls are leading 1-0. Enjoy the second half!” We’ll try.

Also the first half: Germany 0-1 Hungary. Adam Salai scored the only goal so far in the 17th minute. As it stands, Hungary will win Group A3 and advance to the finals.

First half: Italy 0-0 England

The referee exploded in the 44th minute and 59 seconds. You can’t blame him. That wasn’t a huge sight. Channel 4 doesn’t get much bang for its buck from this England A deal, do they?

43 minutes: Another free kick from Foden from the left. That’s better, toward Rice on the right edge of the six-yard square. Bonucci is forced out of the corner, but this will never be taken, because the whistle goes to pay. Rice really didn’t make many mistakes there, and she seems understandably pissed off.

42 minutes: Ken was given a ridiculous space to meet her. He advances in the middle, thinks of a pass, thinks again, and then crosses the crossbar from 30 yards away. Donnarumma is watching the ball sail quietly.

40 minutes: Italy push England Back. Acerbi threatened down the left inner channel, but then Foden jumps in and wins a free kick. The pressure on England was released.

38 minutes: Scamaka takes a long shot to Cristante, who takes a shot for the first time towards goal. He turns away from danger, turns away from the back of his man Scamaka.

37 minutes: Bellingham meets the corner at the edge of the box, but he can only send a weak guard to Donnarumma. England Suddenly I ate it a little.

36 minutes: Bellingham makes his way to the bottom right and wins England corner. James takes. More bread. Dimarco is forced to break through to another corner on the same side. James to take back.

35 minutes: free kick for England Out on the left seam. Free kick from Foden half clear. James, who roams the right side on the inside, has a speculative hit. The ball makes its way across the Italy square and out for what should be a corner kick…but the referee awards a goal kick instead.

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