North Korea: South Korea said the United States is moving an attack aircraft carrier near Korea after North Korean missile launches

Seoul, South Korea CNN – A US Navy carrier group moves into waters off the Korean peninsula as tensions flare after a wave of attacks North Korean South Korean security officials said that the missile launches during the past two weeks. South Korea’s presidential office said in a statement that South Korea’s National Security Council … Read more

Amir Malik on a campaign to make golf more inclusive for Muslims

CNN – Amir Malik is a man who loves her golf. However, golf didn’t always like him. A devoted sports enthusiast since his childhood in Kingston upon Thames, London, he was fascinated by golf long before he first took on swing. But since he didn’t know anyone else who played, Malik settled on a side … Read more

Prime Minister Liz Truss got off to the worst possible start

Liverpool, England CNN – It was the first few weeks of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister determined by the crisis. She had barely been working for 48 hours when the news broke that Queen Elizabeth II diesputting the country into an official state of mourning and delaying the official launch of a Truss plan … Read more

The British pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar

CNN Business – The British pound fell It hit a new record low against the US dollar at $1,035 on Monday, down more than 4%. The drop came as trading opened in Asia and Australia on Monday, extending its 2.6% decline from Friday – and spurring expectations that the pound could fall to parity with … Read more

Why the current oil boom of Arab countries may be the last

Editor’s note: A version of this story first appeared on CNN’s newsreel around the same time in the Middle East, a three-times-a-week look at the region’s biggest news. Register here. Abu Dhabi CNN – The oil boom brought about by Ukraine war It made the energy-rich countries of the Middle East very rich Again. But … Read more

Vinicius Junior: Real Madrid star condemns “racist” criticism of goal celebration dance

CNN – Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior denounced what he described as the racist criticism he received for his celebrations of the goal of the dance. Appearing on Spanish television on Friday, Pedro Bravo – senior agent and president of the Spanish Agents Association – compared Vinicius Junior’s dancing celebrations after scoring a goal with … Read more

Izyum: Ukraine says some bodies found in a mass grave bear “marks of torture”

Isium, Ukraine CNN – Even torrential rain couldn’t erase the smell of death in the pine forest of Izyum on Friday afternoon, as Ukrainian investigators made their way through a mass burial site found in the eastern Ukrainian city. recover from Russian forces. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said at least 440 “unmarked” graves had been found … Read more

You’re Blowing This: New Book Reveals Melania Trump Criticized Her Husband’s Dealing with Covid

CNN – Former President Donald Trump’s top general feared he would authorize a strike on Iran as his presidency ended. Chief of his intelligence, WendRed what was Russia on?. A billionaire friend convinced him to try Buy Greenland. Half a dozen senior officials considered resigning en masse. Even his wife, first lady Melania Trump, was … Read more

Police said BNP Rock was shot dead at Roscoe Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles

CNN – Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore said Tuesday that rapper BNP rock was shot dead during a robbery in Los Angeles on Monday. Police responded to a possible burglary at the Roscoe House of Chicken in Waffles on West Manchester Avenue at 1:15 p.m. by finding a victim with multiple gunshot wounds, LAPD … Read more

Liverpool and Ajax match: Why do some people fear the silence of the fans over Queen Elizabeth?

CNN – Liverpool They face Ajax in the Champions League on Tuesday, but the prominent question to Reds boss Jurgen Klopp before this match was not about him. Bad team levelwas whether fans would respect a minute’s silence for Queen Elizabeth II. Asked about the club’s request for a minute’s silence before the match, Klopp … Read more