Opinion: The Fed is missing a crucial turning point in its fight against inflation because it believes in flawed data

The Fed can’t see the next potential economic meltdown because it’s still looking in the rear-view mirror, seeing nothing but High inflation. The risk arises because the CPI and PCE – the two most important measures of inflation – have a fatal flaw in the way they measure shelter costs. “ If you get your … Read more

How to become famous and anonymous online at the same time

Several times a week, hundreds of people log on to Amazon’s Twitch service to watch the Betty Boop-like cartoon character that bears her name. Pumpkin Potion. Wearing a spider-style dress, she plays the piano and talks to the audience about what’s going on in her life for up to seven hours at a time. She … Read more

Robert Sarver says he will look for buyers for the Phoenix Suns and Mercury after the NBA probe

Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns and owner of Mercury, said Wednesday that he will begin the process of finding buyers for basketball teams, after An investigation into his behavior in his workplace The league paid a one-year suspension and a $10 million fine. An NBA investigation found Sarver said racial insults “when telling … Read more

Gates Foundation urges UN and honors inspiration as goalkeeper | Health, medicine and fitness

By Thalia Petty, Associated Press New York (AFP) – Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates combined distinctive optimism with sobering questions about persistent gender inequality and hunger at an event focused on reaching global development goals, held by the Gates Foundation on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. Bill Gates made the case … Read more

Unbelievable hype about melting glaciers in Antarctica

Alarming reports that the Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking misrepresent the ongoing science to understand a very complex situation. Antarctica has been covered in ice for at least 30 million years. The ice sheet contains about 26.5 million gigatons of water (a gigaton is one billion metric tons, or about 2.2 trillion pounds). If it … Read more

In numbers: facts and figures about the Queen’s funeral | Health, medicine and fitness

By The Associated Press London (AFP) – The events surrounding Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Monday culminated in 10 days of national mourning, expected to be watched by hundreds of thousands of people who thronged the streets of London and millions around the world. These are just a few of the staggering set of … Read more

Book recommendations from business and culture leaders

Courtesy of New Harbinger Publications (Stop Walking on Eggshells); Courtesy of Macmillan (All We Say); Courtesy of Riverhead Books (Intimacys); Courtesy of Wiley (The Power of One More); Simon Belcher / Elmi (Bible) font size Leslie Ma Ming Zhou Hsu and Daniel Xu Associate Curator of Asian Art, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Metropolitan … Read more

In a rare sit-down, Nobel Prize-winning economist Peter Diamond sees a “major shift in power from employers to workers underway”

Peter Diamond, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in economics, has kept away from journalism for most of his long and illustrious career, stating that he worries about being misunderstood. Given the opportunity to interview him, MarketWatch jumped at it. His supporters believe Diamond may be the smartest economist. His selection by President Barack Obama to … Read more

Six exercises to reduce back pain and maintain the flexibility of the spine

The hours we spend hunched over our desks and phones pile up. It strains the mid-back, or thoracic spine, which can turn into pain in other areas. In today’s screen-driven society, most people begin to push their shoulders forward, which leads to flexion of the thoracic spine and potential neck pain. A stiff middle back … Read more

In a city on the Russian border, Ukrainians loyal to the Kremlin, soldiers regroup after their withdrawal from Ukraine

BELGOROD, RUSSIA – When the Russians overran the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine in late February, Russian troops who occupied the towns there promised the locals they would stay forever. Instead, the Ukrainian forces Russian forces expelled from most of the region This month, restore about 3,500 square miles of land in a matter of … Read more