2022 Global Urgency Index

Winning is awesome, losing stinks. This will always be true, which is why every team entering October is determined to win the World Championship. But some wins carry more emotional weight than others, while some losses leave wounds that last longer than others. And so, every year around this time, we count the numbers to … Read more

Soon to the end of the sailors’ drought is ‘stressful’, but the first World Series is Seattle’s focus

The fourth week of the NFL season promises plenty of excitement after a strong start to the 2022 season. The season so far has been decided by close endings. In three weeks, there have been 18 games that have been decided by three points or less this season, and most of them have been during … Read more

Brandon Woodruff’s arm, Willie Adams bat beer makers | Major League Baseball

Steve Megary The Associated Press Milwaukee – Brandon Woodruff has given a huge boost to the injury-ridden Milwaukee Brewers. Woodruff hit 10 in eight innings and Willie Adams collided with Homer in three runs The Brewers also defeated the New York Yankees 4-1 on Saturday night. Woodruff’s big performance came one night after the Brewers … Read more

Fantasy baseball pitcher rankings, MLB Friday lineup tips

Find our fantasy baseball shooters rankings, batting upgrades and score downs daily to help you make smart fantasy decisions about your baseball lineup and MLB betting tips. MLB game odds are provided by Caesars Sportsbook, and fantasy tips are directed toward ESPN’s 10-team leagues with record scoring. NB: This file has been updated with overnight … Read more

Deciding scenarios, arc and timeline

There are still weeks left to go in the MLB 2022 regular season, but quite a few teams – especially the Los Angeles Dodgers – are already looking towards October. The Dodgers have officially earned their first playoff berth of the season. Now the Houston Astros, the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves, to … Read more

Here’s what the unions mean

On Wednesday, an arbitrator is expected to formally validate union authorization cards from thousands of minor league players — the latest step in the surprisingly fast formation of unions in Minor League Baseball. Here, Alden Gonzalez, Jeff Bassan and Jesse Rogers explain how we got here and what it all means. Last weekend, Major League … Read more

The Yankees are not ready to bring Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton into the squad

In a perfect world, Aaron Boone probably wouldn’t survive Put up Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton as number 1 and 2 hitters. But the Yankees aren’t quite as luxurious these days, which means a 1-2 slug could last during the club’s five-game road trip against the Red Sox and Brewers that begins Tuesday in Boston. … Read more