White-collar layoffs are rising at brand-name companies amid the economic slowdown

At the beginning of the pandemic, waves of layoffs hit retail, leisure and hospitality workers — anyone whose job relied on personal interactions. But now that the pandemic has waned, it’s those workers who are in short supply, and it’s the higher-paid employees who find themselves on the receiving end of layoff announcements. Among the … Read more

Why is Die Hard a Christmas classic?

It is the season of giving. This is the season of joy, eggnog, and black-and-white movies with cheerful messages. “This is the season of Rudolph, caroling, holy nights, wee-ki-yay, mom… yeah! This is the most unexpectedly warm and cozy season.” The Christmas movie of all time: Die hard. Every year we hear the same rhetoric … Read more

gov. Mills is proposing $450 relief checks as part of the heating assistance package

Government Janet Mills unveiled a $474 million Winter Energy Relief Emergency Plan on Tuesday that will include $450 for eligible home checks and savings to supplement home heating assistance, emergency fuel programs and short-term emergency housing to avoid homelessness. The package of short-term measures, which requires the support of two-thirds of lawmakers to take effect … Read more

Bosch is closing its app store for AI-powered web cameras • TechCrunch

In 2018, electrical appliances group Bosch created a startup, Security & Safety (or “SAST” for short), whose stated mission was to develop a platform to help developers create software for AI-equipped cameras. SAST was to host an audited “app store” for Internet-connected cameras that would allow developers to build software on an open standard—software primarily … Read more

UC Santa Cruz innovators are among the innovators of the Santa Cruz Works 2022 Titans of Tech

Two notable UC Santa Cruz affiliates, Aviv Elor and Nada Miljkovic, have been named finalists for the competition. The Sixth Annual Santa Cruz Works Titans of TechAn event that honors industry professionals who have made a significant contribution to the growth of the local technology and entrepreneurship community. The 2022 Titans of Tech team will … Read more